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Register now and for 30 days you’ll have access to Remedyforce—the ITIL-based help desk for the cloud. Streamline IT assistance by slashing wait times, improving first-call resolution, and boosting agent productivity right out of the box. After 30 days, you can continue using Remedyforce for a low monthly subscription of $60/user/month.

Trials are available by User Roles

  • Change Manager - controls the lifecycle of all changes. Implements beneficial changes with minimum disruption to IT services. Trial content includes: change management, release management, dashboard and analytics.
  • IT/Shared Service Manager - ensures services are delivered in accordance with agreed business requirements. Negotiates requirements with senior business representatives. Trial content includes: self-service, service catalog, mobile apps for IT, knowledge management.
  • IT Manager - monitors the organization's operational requirements, researches strategies and technology solutions, and builds the most cost-effective and efficient system. Trial content includes: IT best practices, service level management, dashboard and analytics.
  • End User Services Manager - delivers technology and services that enable end-users (IT customers) to research and resolve issues on their own. Trial content includes: social collaboration, mobile apps, surveys, self-service, dashboard and analytics. 

This helps us deliver the best experience based on your job role. You can access all trial material if interested.

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