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Transformation requires a foundation built on automating across infrastructure, data, and applications from on-premises to the cloud. Whether you are an administrator, developer, or line of business manager, your ability to deliver services is directly impacted by time spent on manual tasks and processes. We build automation into our solutions so you can be more agile, efficient, and secure.

Automating Data Centers

Data center automation includes the automation of routine and recurring tasks across servers, networks, and databases, while also considering the full lifecycle of each resource (deployment, security and compliance, updates and patching, configuration maintenance, and retirement).

BMC data center automation solutions help you improve efficiency and security in managing your servers, applications, networks, and databases for both on-premises and multi-cloud environments.

Automatically provision, configure, patch, and secure physical, virtual, and cloud servers
Automatically provision, configure, and secure physical, virtual, and cloud servers
Centrally manage cross-application and cross-platform business workflows
Centrally manage cross-application and cross-platform helix business workflows

Automating Business Workloads

Workload automation historically meant enterprise job scheduling and batch processing. The need to drive continuous delivery of new applications in the software development lifecycle, and to manage file transfers and other data exchanges, including big data ingestion across different IT architectures, point to a larger role for workload automation across the business.

BMC workload automation solutions automate diverse batch workflows across disparate data sources, integrating applications and workflow processes to quickly and reliably deliver digital business services.

Automating IT Processes

Implementing disparate automation tools and processes can often leave gaps in IT operations that require costly manual interventions to manage. Automating IT processes means addressing the gaps between processes, tools, and departments to speed service delivery, improve consistency and reliability, and enforce process compliance.

BMC process automation solutions help close process gaps to significantly improve the end-to-end process flow, shortening process execution time and creating more consistent documentation.

Automate standard IT processes to reduce manual intervention
Automate standard IT processes to reduce manual intervention

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