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TrueSight Infrastructure Management

BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management integrates dynamic behavior learning and real-time proactive analytics across multiple data sources. This component of TrueSight Operations Management monitors the system for even the smallest changes in data behavior, correlates and analyzes that data, uncovers root cause and saves successful service resolutions to discover future issues before they impact the end user.

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BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management analyzes data trends to project future performance. Building on behavior learning, the system seeks additional related information to determine when a service-level threshold is about to be breached. With TrueSight Infrastructure Management you can detect resources that are stressed, identify probable user impact, and take preventative measures based on automatically filtered alerts that point toward the most likely root cause.

  • Eliminates the time and cost required to manage thousands of traditional, static thresholds for event generation
  • Reduces the number of false alarms/events and associated incidents by up to 90 percent
  • Streamlines administration by minimizing the need to manually define, configure, and maintain correlation rules, policies, and scripts
  • Provides automated predictive analysis that makes it possible to effectively manage service delivery in complex environments

TrueSight is purpose built to operate in heterogeneous IT environments, including virtual and cloud. TrueSight Infrastructure Management retains learned behaviors when virtual machines move, eliminating false alerts due to missing historical data. This leads to faster, more continuous root cause analysis.

TrueSight Infrastructure Management Datasheet

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TrueSight Infrastructure Management incorporates network, infrastructure and data change information and service modeling to offer the industry's earliest, most accurate detection, diagnosis, prioritization, and resolution of service impacts. TrueSight Infrastructure Management is an especially powerful tool when coupled with TrueSight App Visibility Manager. By combining applications and infrastructure in a single view, IT can pivot infrastructure management to an app-centric viewpoint.

Probable cause analysis

  • Increased accuracy in probable cause analysis with an application-centric approach
  • Relevant events displayed by application, devices, and monitors for faster MTTR

Beyond dynamic baselining

  • Correlated machine/log data
  • Support for dynamic baselines and thresholds
  • Trending algorithms applied to detailed baseline knowledge
  • Real-time behavior analysis

Self-learning capabilities

  • Increased service availability
  • Proactive problem notification
  • Alert filtering

Better insight for proactive management

  • Application models created in minutes with Application Context Views
  • Models automatically detected and maintained when used with TrueSight App Visibility Manager
  • Manual models can be created directly in TrueSight Infrastructure Management

Business benefits

  • Advanced risk mitigation with predictive analytics
  • Reduced IT time and effort spent reviewing logs
  • Pricing based on the number of server end points

Ease of use

  • Seamless integration with other BMC solutions

“Our business users are constantly asking for new technologies, and it’s essential that we be able to monitor those technologies as soon as they go into production.”

— Philippe Peter, Solutions Architect, Societe Generale
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