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BMC digital IT powers 82% of Fortune 500 companies

Routine tasks, right on schedule

BMC job scheduling software helps you manage and monitor the behind-the-scenes data and applications that batch jobs require. Whether you’re running company payroll or customer purchasing transactions—or any other diversified batch workloads—BMC puts you in control.

What to look for in job scheduling software

  • Integration with application scheduling
  • Portability across multiple platforms
  • Central control
  • Predictive analysis
  • Self-service capabilities

Batch jobs just got easier

Automated job scheduling is now easier and more efficient than ever before. Control-M Workload Automation helps you schedule and monitor complex batch processes from one streamlined, intuitive interface.

  • Reduce the cost of managing workload automation with an intuitive user interface.
  • Streamline common functions by combining multiple activities into a single tool.
  • Increase collaboration with a virtual workspace.
  • Enjoy a more responsive system and more accurate job analysis.
  • Deploy Control-M on-premise or on the cloud.
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“Improving operational efficiency and reducing operational risk are crucial for an organization like ours. Control-M enables us to get more done in less time and minimize risk by running jobs more reliably. And with self-service…we can do a better job of serving our customers while increasing our own productivity.”

— Wilson Lucas, Applications Support Manager, Instituto de Informàtica
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Automate job scheduling for a range of workloads

Control-M and DevOps

The Control-M Automation API enables developers and DevOps engineers to use Control-M in a self-service manner within their application release process.

Control-M for Hadoop

BMC Control-M for Hadoop simplifies and automates Hadoop application processing for faster batch-job implementation and more accurate analytics.

Control-M Managed File Transfer

Control-M Managed File Transfer securely automates file transfers from a central interface that provides convenience, visibility and control.

Control-M Workload Change Manager

Easily automate and simplify batch application workflows to reduce costs and speed up the delivery of business services with BMC Control-M Workload Change Manager.

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