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What is IT Operations Management?

IT operations management is the process of managing the day-to-day IT infrastructure including managing the provisioning, capacity, performance and availability of the computing, networking and application environment.  IT operations management is critical for IT organizations that are responsible for efficiently delivering high-quality services and applications in support of the digital business.
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The digital business runs on IT

The digital business revolution infuses technology into every step of an organization’s value chain. This highly complex and fast-changing technology environment is comprised of new digital business systems that rely heavily on the IT infrastructure and other technology services. IT operations management empowers IT organizations to:
  • Ensure the performance and availability of digital services
  • Align cost and risk decisions with business needs
  • Efficiently run and manage business-dependent technology
  • Respond to problems fast and recommend improvements
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Find and fix problems fast

In the fast moving digital era, IT operations teams need to find and fix problems before the business feels the impact. IT operations management helps IT teams proactively identify and resolve performance and availability problems in a hybrid IT environment. IT needs solutions that provide an intuitive way to examine operational norms, automatically reveal abnormalities, measure service impact, and proactively identify risk to simplify troubleshooting and resolution.
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Modern applications require granular monitoring

The introduction of new, innovative, high speed technologies and always-on business applications requires second-by-second monitoring to reveal data trends. However, traditional IT operations tools collect data at longer time intervals—smoothing data patterns and leaving quick, but critical, spikes undetected. A modern approach to IT operations management supports both traditional IT infrastructure management and the fast moving, cloud-based services on which the business relies. Agile IT needs fine-grain visibility into applications to help them develop, troubleshoot, and deliver solutions quickly so they can move as fast as their applications. Explore AWS Monitoring with TrueSight Pulse.

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Optimize capacity to control cost and minimize risk

The fast moving digital business requires IT to be nimble and accurate when tuning the dynamic IT infrastructure.  IT operations management empowers the continuous alignment of services across all compute environments and across all resources to:
  • Understand utilization at the resource, service, and business-level
  • Eliminate over-provisioning and under-provisioning, and their associated costs
  • Align resource forecasting with business demand
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Smart, data-driven decisions fuel the digital business

In the modern digital business, reporting for the sake of reporting becomes extinct and data becomes the currency that guides and drives all decisions and actions. Breaking down IT information silos and automatically organizing multi-structured data from diverse, dynamic sources empowers IT Operations Management teams to turn meaningless data into actionable information that supports decisive action.
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