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Atrium Orchestrator

Atrium Orchestrator

BMC digital IT powers 82% of Fortune 500 companies

Process automation across your entire service management environment

IT process automation can significantly lower the cost of IT delivery and reduce the risk associated with manual interactions. BMC Atrium Orchestrator automates common, repeatable tasks to improve quality of service across the board.

  • Move from reactive, manual handling of requests to a fully automated system
  • Deliver consistent task and automation workflow results
  • Automate data collection for audit compliance
  • Align with best practices
  • Free up IT resources

Video: Orchestrating Digital Processes

BMC Atrium Orchestrator automates and orchestrates complex IT processes to improve efficiency, agility, and accuracy. It enables process governance, reduces risk, and helps organizations shift resources from mundane tasks to focus on digital innovation. (1:50)

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Process automation can reduce manual effort by 90 percent

Tackle a simple task today and handle more complex process and application integration needs over time. Atrium Orchestrator handles the highest workflow volume of routine tasks and process enforcement to reliably meet the day-to-day demands of the largest enterprises and service providers.

Pre-built content

Thousands of pre-built run books based on ITIL processes and best practices

Graphical design

Graphical Development Studio for assembling workflows

Application connectivity

Integration Mapping Wizard to simplify configuration of application interfaces

Centralized console

Operator Control Panel for control and monitoring of workflow execution

Enterprise class

Scalable grid architecture with load balancing and high availability

Deeper learning

Explore the extensive list of adapters, modules, and run books in our documentation portal

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  • Integrate easily with BMC and third-party IT service management applications and tools
  • Upgrade or change IT management applications without redesigning workflows
  • Save money and time by automating manual tasks (like password resets)
  • Improve quality of service and customer satisfaction

Associated product integrations

Atrium Orchestrator offers extensive integration across multiple IT functions from service desk to data center to cloud.

Remedy IT Service Management Suite ›

BMC Remedy IT Service Management, now with Smart IT, offers an amazing user experience to intelligently manage your IT services, on premises or in the cloud.

BladeLogic Server Automation ›

BMC BladeLogic Server Automation seamlessly enables enterprise-class provisioning and configuration across physical, virtual, and hybrid cloud environments.

Cloud Lifecycle Management ›

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management delivers fast time to value for simple use cases and scales to support provisioning of complex workloads in production-class hybrid clouds.

Atrium Configuration Management Database (CMDB) ›

BMC Atrium CMDB provides a complete, accurate, and up-to-date view of the people, processes, and technologies that make up your business and IT environments.

TrueSight Operations Management ›

BMC TrueSight Operations Management is an analytics-driven solution that finds, prioritizes, and resolves performance and availability issues before they impact your business.

BladeLogic Network Automation ›

BMC BladeLogic Network Automation streamlines your network and prevents outages by automating configuration, change, and compliance processes.

Remedyforce ›

BMC Remedyforce, built on the Salesforce cloud platform, delivers complete IT service management with social, mobile, and collaborative capabilities.

BladeLogic Database Automation ›

BMC BladeLogic Database Automation improves efficiency, lowers costs, and keeps your databases running smoothly by automating routine administrative processes.

MainView ›

BMC MainView improves the availability and performance of your mainframe business systems with proactive monitoring, automation, and storage solutions.