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IT Certifications

Earn respect and accelerate your career

An individual earning accreditation or certification gains valuable validation in technical competencies and expertise. An organization implementing a BMC solution can be confident that its consultants earned their Certified Professional or Expert designation and demonstrate expertise in the product.

For our partners, having individuals earn their BMC Certified Professional or Expert designation will give your organization confidence with the BMC solution and ensure your organization will be able to deliver value across a prescriptive product set. Our customers are asking for certified individuals for their implementations and we can provide the best of the best.

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Examination process

As with any accreditation or certification, testing is required. The testing for accreditation and certification is administered based on the level of certification an individual seeks. For accreditation-level testing, the exam is online and not proctored. This exam is offered after you complete the learning path for the specific product. Upon completing the last course in the learning path, you have two attempts to pass the online exam. No retakes will be offered.

To earn your BMC Certified Professional or Certified Expert designation, the process includes an online assessment and a multi-day proctored exam in a BMC training facility. If you are unable to pass the proctored exam on your first attempt, you can re-register, pay for, and schedule the next available exam. You must pass both the online assessment and proctored exam to earn your designation.

BMC Education Services does not make exceptions to BMC Certified policies.